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Cajun Shrimp Bowl


Made with high quality red peeled shrimp, this dish is sure to satisfy the seafood lover in everyone. Served with long grain brown rice, our delicious super-food slaw and topped with a creamy Cajun butter sauce.

Calories: 465.8
Macros: P: 16.5g | C: 46.5g | F: 23.6g

Chicken Pot Pie


Our take on an American classic, this dish is the definition of comfort food. Chopped fresh vegetables, shredded chicken submerged in a delicious cream sauce topped with a light and flakey piecrust. We’re sure this dish will make you feel like you’re at Grandma’s house.

Calories: 649.2
Macros: P: 22.6g | C: 33.8g | F: 45.9g

Fireroasted Chicken


This southwest inspired dish comes packed with fajita grilled chicken,  fireroasted black bean corn, shredded cheddar cheese topped with aquaria style salsa over long grain brown rice. Delicioso!

*Our chicken is raised antibiotic free
Calories: 739.2
Macros: P: 55.9g | C: 62.2g | F: 28.7g

Korean Beef


Prepared with the highest quality tenderloin beef, this creation simply melts in your mouth. This ginger and soy infused dish explodes with flavor that will make your taste buds crave more. Served alongside our long grain brown rice topped with mini broccoli florets.

Calories: 596.3
Macros: P: 34.3g | C: 47.9g | F: 27.7g

Meatless Crumble Enchilada


Our version of this classic Mexican style dish is loaded with that south of the border flavor you come to expect. The difference being, ours can be enjoyed by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Made with our unique meatless crumble and loaded with cheddar cheese, fire roasted black bean corn, long grain brown rice, tasty enchilada sauce and wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. Truly meal prep re-imagined.

Calories: 592.3
Macros: P: 31.4g | C: 58.8g | F: 26g

Red Pepper and Tomato Chicken


Fresh grilled chicken draped in a creamy red pepper and tomato cream sauce. Served alongside long grain brown rice, which is topped with our unique super-food slaw. This protein packed dish is great for a post workout meal.

*Our chicken is raised antibiotic free
Calories: 438.8
Macros: P: 39.9g | C: 46.5g | F: 9.5g

Sweet & Sour Chicken


Asian fans rejoice! Grilled, juicy chicken topped with our homemade sweet and tangy chili sauce will make you think you are in the heart of the orient. Paired with a long grain brown rice/red quinoa combination and fresh mini broccoli florets.

*Our chicken is raised antibiotic free
Calories: 417.7
Macros: P: 38.3g | C: 38.8g | F: 9.6g

Vegetable Lasagna


No meat, no problem. Our creamy vegetable lasagna is just the dish for our vegetarian (and non-vegetarian) friends who are looking for a home-style cooked meal. This dish is loaded with broccoli, peppers, carrots, three cheeses and a garlic cream sauce that will make your mouth water.

Calories: 368
Macros: P: 19g | C: 37.3g | F: 16g