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Korean Beef (LOW CARB)


Prepared with the highest quality tenderloin beef, our chefs had low carbs in mind with this creation that simply melts in your mouth. This ginger and soy infused dish explodes with flavor that will make your taste buds crave more. Served alongside fresh broccoli florets and cauliflower.

Calories: 405.7
Macros: P: 34.3g | C: 9.7g | F: 25.9g

Lemon Butter Atlantic Cod (LOW CARB)


Fresh from the Atlantic, this light and flaky Cod loin will satisfy your seafood craving. A low carb addition to our menu, this comes topped with our homemade lemon butter sauce and paired with fresh asparagus.

*The Cod used in this dish is chemical free.
Calories: 281
Macros: P: 15.9g | C: 1.6g | F: 24.9g